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Heal Yourself

Functionality for you, the end user is the core principle behind every Unimaker product. Our product line offer you comfort, functionality, and pain relief.

Anti-Microbial & Anti-Odor:

All our products have OdorBan coating which allows for better protection against Bacteria and Odor when you use our products.

Ergonomic Designs:

We test all our product designs on hundreds of people to test for ergonomic support and comfort. This is why many customers like you love our products for the comfort it provides them.

Compression Therapy:

All our products provide you greater stability and support to your body part as you engage in your daily activities.

Premium, Flexible Fabric:

We use premium, flexible fabrics such as neoprene that provide flexible support and excellent durability on your purchase.

Moisture Absorbent:

Our designs incorporate porous design along with use of materials like Neoprene which leave you feeling less sweaty while you enjoy the benefits of posture support and compression therapy.

Magnetic Therapy:

Research suggests that magnets have therapeutic benefits in healing pain. Many of our products are designed with magnets for additional support and pain relief. 

Folks Us

Pavan Kumar, 26, Bangalore

‘I have used the Clavicle Support Belt from Unimaker to help with better posture at my office. I have found relief from poor posture and have much better posture and feel more energetic while at work’

Tejender Juturu, 39, Pune

‘I purchased the Posture Corrector from Unimaker to help with better back support due to long commute hours using my bike and care. I am pleased to say that this product was excellent in solving my problem.

Naresh Reddy, 62, Hyderabad

‘I have suffered from lower back pain for many years. After trying many products, I have found the Unimaker Lumbar Support Belt to support me well through my back pain problems. Appreciate their team for answering all my questions while purchasing the product’

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