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Why we exist?

The Backstory:

Ever ordered orthopaedic products online and wondered why the quality is so cheap and the service even worse?

In 2018, our Founder, Anish ordered a Lumbar Support Belt on a leading e-commerce marketplace to find that the quality was at best terrible. The belt was made of cheap cloth that provided no support and the belt came off in 2 days. When he tried to return the product, neither the e-commerce marketplace nor the seller were there to be approached.

See below what inspired Anish to start Unimaker.

How we got started?

As Anish researched to find better quality orthopaedic products, every orthopaedic product he ordered turned out to be the same. Mismarketed, Cheap Quality, and Poor Customer Service.  In the quest of finding better products, Anish and our team have dedicated themselves to bring the best quality scientifically designed Orthopaedic products to the Indian consumer.

Thus, Unimaker's mission was born

Unimaker's Mission

At Unimaker, we believe that one does not need to live with medical conditions and lifestyle pain issues forever. We help you discover your best health through our compression therapy devices. Our #1 priority is to give our customers science-backed products that will help them with pain relief, recovery, and compression therapy for better health.

Product Design

We have an obsessive focuson product design. We have 3 core pillars that dictate our product design philosophy

#1 Science-Backed Design

We believe the most important aspect of a great orthopaedic product is its ability to produce consistent results for its users. That is why our core design philosophy includes the use of Compression Therapy.

#2 Hi-tech Materials

We pride ourselves on using the best quality materials in our products. We are the only Orthopaedic Product Brand in the market today that uses Anti-Odor & Anti-Bacterial material in our products. Similarly, whether it is the use of breathable neoprene or magnetic therapy, we innovate in the materials we use to provide our users the best materials available in the market.

#3 Built to Last

All our products are built to last. From double and cross stitching to the use of anti-slip technology, we have designed the products to help our users use them for a long and durable life.

Scientific Studies Supporting Compression Therapy

Study 1: Compression recovery effects on exercise-induced muscle damage in young, active females

by National Institute of Health

“… The results indicate that compression clothing is an effective recovery strategy following exercise-induced muscle damage."

Study 1: Read more about the study

Study 2: Effects of compression clothing on performance and recovery

by National Institute of Health

“When compression clothing was applied for recovery purposes after exercise, small to moderate effect sizes were observed in recovery of maximal strength and power, and reductions in muscle swelling and perceived muscle pain; blood lactate removal; and increases in body temperature.”

Study 2: Read more about the study

Study 3: Are compression garments effective for the recovery of exercise-induced muscle damage?

by National Institute of Health

“… Analyses of power… and strength… indicate faster recovery of muscle function after exercise.”

Study 3: Read more about the study

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